Welcome to BioInvestors. PIR International has created the BioInvestors interview series to engage with the life science and healthcare investment community who collectively form the lifeblood of funding for healthcare innovation and treatments designed to reach patients worldwide. The investor community are as broad and varied as the companies and technologies they fund. The BioInvestors series is aimed at capturing first-hand insights, reflections, learnings and visions from the key investors from across the globe.

BioInvestors will comprise of interviews with a collective of investors within the global life science and healthcare investor community. Stay tuned for BioInvestors content.

1401, 2021

BioInvestors First Edition (Part 1)

14 January 2021|

For the first edition of BioInvestors, we are pleased to be joined by prolific expert investors: Hakan Goker, SVP Healthcare, M-Ventures, Stefan Luzi, Partner, Gilde Healthcare, Isabel Fox, Co-Managing Partner, Luminous Ventures and Niall O’Donnell, Managing Director, RiverVest Vent

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