COVID-19 Lab Image

In recent months, the world has faced its most significant peace-time crisis, effecting all corners of the globe. Like many others, we at PIR International have adopted new working practices to adapt and to continue to support our clients and candidates, who are developing lifesaving treatments and technologies for all diseases. We wish to take this opportunity to thank those developing these important medicines, diagnostics and those on the frontline in healthcare settings looking after all those in need, effected by COVID-19, but also all other diseases which continue to impact millions of lives worldwide.

The international life science community has been called-upon at large to respond to this new and dangerous virus that has impacted so many. In response, PIR International want to play our part and contribute our services where needed to deploy specialist interim management talent to those life science companies directly responding to the COVID-19 crisis in the development of diagnostics, vaccines or treatments for the SARS-CoV-19 virus. As such, with immediate effect, PIR International will be offering its interim services to all COVID-19 responding life science businesses on a non-profit basis for all eligible organisations for the duration of the relevant project.

We ask you to share and spread the word so we can assist as many organisations as possible as we pull together and mobilise a collective effort to protect all lives.

Please contact any of our team who will be able to assist you via or email