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5 Mental Health Tips for Working from Home

09 October 2020|

The outbreak of Coronavirus means that many of us are now working from home. Although working from home has its perks, over time it can start to have a damaging effect on our mental health. It can make us feel [...]

BioLeader Interview

07 October 2020|

Jonathan Tobin BioLeader Interview - Jonathan Tobin (October 2020) Jonathan specialises in biotechnology investments and serves on the board of Arix portfolio companies Artios Pharma, Atox Bio, Stipe Therapeutics, Depixus, VelosBio, and Quench Bio. Prior to joining Arix Bioscience, Jonathan [...]

BioLeader Interview

09 September 2020|

Eliot Forster BioLeader Interview - Eliot Forster (September 2020) Eliot has more than 28 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. He previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Immunocore, Creabilis Therapeutics and Solace Pharmaceuticals. Other previous roles [...]

PIR International Free Webinar – Five Ways to Develop Life Science Leaders to Improve Global Healthcare (Wednesday 30th September 2020, 12:30 BST)

19 August 2020|

The world's focus on healthcare and leadership has never been greater. COVID-19 has led us to place higher value on our health, and question what makes a good leader, in times of crisis and in securing our future. The Life [...]

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