As an integral part of any business, an experienced Board and suite of appropriately equipped Non-Executives, serve well to guide an organisation on the most positive of paths. Within the broad space that the Life Science industry exists, a well-balanced Board is even more poignant, with governance, expert technical advice and scientific or medical oversight, all of the utmost importance.

At PIR International, we are trusted by our clients to access an established network of international Non-Executive profiles and advisors to help build versatile and nimble Boards.

Case Studies



Non-Executive Finance Trustee LifeArc is a leading independent medical research charity that rebranded since its formation as the MRC-T over 25 years ago. LifeArc’s expertise has helped bring a number of new innovations to market including major commercialised antibody treatments [...]


Oxford BioDynamics

Non-Executive Directors SVP Commercial Europe Oxford BioDynamics PLC (OBD) is a revenue generating biotechnology company; focused on the discovery and development of epigenetic biomarkers for use within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. OBD’s strategic aim is to become the biomarker [...]


OptiBiotix Health PLC

Non-Executive Chair OptiBiotix is a life sciences company operating in one of the most progressive areas of biotechnological research - the modulation of the human microbiome. The aim of OptiBiotix is to discover and develop microbial strains, compounds and formulations, [...]

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